Barcelona 🇪🇸 

Short city breaks are perfect for a little bit of adventure 🌍 Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities with the such intricate architecture, not to mention paella is always within walking distance 👣 🥘 

Surrounded by colour in the Sagrada Familia
Nervously got into a tiny old lift that took us all the way to a bridge across the two towers of the Sagrada Familia, its no surprise this place still isn’t completed when you notice the hard work that has gone into every inch of its carving – such a tranquil place
Park Guell
A peak into the back of some apartment buildings, can’t deny that I always try and look out onto balcony’s watch peoples day go by imagining  living in one of these cute little places
My fool of a father who has recently discover the selfie and makes me participate in its many failures
This was actually taken in the middle of the day but the way the sun is peeping out the clouds makes it look like a beautiful subset🌞

Last look out over the city before we flew home✈️

Fit in a quick trip to the beach for tapas and prosecco as the sun set🌅

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